Fertility Formula

Natural Herbal Infertility Treatment for Women

Fertility Formula
  • Strengthens the entire female reproductive system for optimal fertility
  • Promotes the production of healthy eggs
  • Strongly promotes a healthy implantation
  • May be taken safely with IVF, IUI and other fertility treatments
  • Supports healthy hormonal balance for optimal fertility

This remedy is now only available through special orders with a minimum of 21 bottles/ 7 month supply. To place an order please contact us at support@easternessntials.com

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The Eastern Essentials Difference

All of our formulas are manufactured in an
FDA inspected manufacturing facility
Full Spectrum Potency for maximum effectiveness-
5:1 Concentrated Herbal Extracts.
Tested for Purity- Herbs are routinely tested for heavy metal levels,
pesticide residues, as well as the herbs authenticity
All of our formulas are made with herbal extracts that are manufactured under Pharmaceutical-grade GMP guidelines.
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Infertility Treatment for Women

Eastern Essentials Fertility Formula is a powerful herbal infertility treatment designed to strengthen a women’s reproductive potential and increase fertility. The Chinese herbs used in our Fertility Formula are well known for being very strong in their abilities to enhance fertility and to help create the proper environment necessary for an adequate conception in order for a woman to get pregnant. The ovaries need to produce healthy eggs, and once the egg is fertilized, it must be able to implant and then stick to the lining of the womb. By strengthening and supporting the women’s entire reproductive system, the goal is for our herbal infertility remedy to greatly assist in this entire process. Unless there is a structural problem, or a serous blockage such as blocked fallopian tubes, women age 40 and under in robust and vibrant health, should be able to get pregnant. That is why our Fertility Formula not only is specifically designed to increase the chances of conceiving, but it also seeks to improve a woman’s health overall. The good news is that there are many Chinese herbs for fertility and for womens health that millions of women have used with great success.

Primary infertility refers to couples that have not become pregnant after at least 1 year of trying. Secondary infertility is defined as following the birth of one or more children, a woman then is unable to become pregnant, or at least unable to carry a pregnancy to term. In secondary infertility, there was no assisted reproductive technology or any fertility medications used for the birth of their first child.

There are various conventional methods of treating infertility such as: Artificial insemination (AI) or Intrauterine insemination (IUI), which involve deliberate introduction of semen into a woman’s cervix, fallopian tubes, or uterus with a thin flexible tube called a catheter for the purpose of fertilization. This fertility treatment is not considered an ART procedure or assisted reproductive technology since it does not involve the manipulation of a woman’s eggs.

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF or simply In Vitro , is an assisted reproductive technology that is a complex and expensive procedure that involves combining eggs and sperm outside of the body in a laboratory. After an embryo or embryos are formed, they are then placed in the uterus.

There is new evidence suggested that there are risks to IVF. Dr. Lorraine Kelley-Quon, a general surgery resident at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, after conducting research at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA said, “Our findings included a significant association between the use of assisted reproductive technology, such as certain types of in vitro fertilization, and an increased risk of birth defects.”

Clomid, clomiphene citrate tablets, is one of the first infertility drugs in clinical use. This drug is used to stimulate ovulation, yet there is a risk of multiple births which can create problems for the mother and the fetuses, as well as other possible side effects such as ovarian enlargement, blurring or visual problems, and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Many times, there is not a clear reason or diagnosis for the infertility. Many women these days are turning to natural methods, for an all-natural, non-invasive fertility treatment without any side effects. Our Fertility Formula is based on the latest research and many years of clinical experience, using traditional Chinese recipes as a foundation. Eastern Essentials herbal infertility treatment can safely be used by itself or alongside any conventional fertility treatments for women available such as IVF and IUI.

Note From the Founder- Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac.

As an experienced acupuncturist, I have treated many women for infertility, and have had success when no other methods seemed to have worked for them. Some patients of mine, who do chose to go the invasive modern medical approach, still take my herbs and/or receive my acupuncture treatments at the same time to increase the effectiveness. I receive referrals from OB/GYNs often because they realize how effective herbs and acupuncture can be and trust that I can assist their patients greatly and improve their chances of conceiving. Some women chose to only take herbs and do acupuncture and some women chose to only take herbs.  Whatever method you decide to use, this all natural fertility formula, can safely be taken at the same time of any fertility treatment. As an acupuncturist, if you can afford it, I do recommend also seeking out a qualified acupuncturist that specializes in fertility treatments and go twice a week while taking these herbs.  Of course, you can just take this herbal fertility remedy if that is all you want to do. I designed this as if that would be the case and it would be the sole fertility treatment. There are various fertility supplements for women on the market, but none that I’ve seen offer a remedy as complete and well researched as the one I created here. Just like my acupuncture treatments, my herbal products are designed to deliver results and deliver them as quick as possible.

Although some women will become pregnant sooner, it is highly recommended to take this fertility supplement twice daily for at least 3 months or 3 complete menstrual cycles for best results. An added benefit is that you will not only be assisting in your body’s ability to get pregnant, but unlike conventional methods, our Fertility Formula will also help your body become much healthier in general. A sense of robust health that you can feel. It is also recommended to take a high quality prenatal natural multivitamin and mineral supplement alongside this formula.

After becoming pregnant, it is highly recommended to discontinue taking this Fertility Formula, and begin taking our Stable Pregnancy Formula. The Stable Pregnancy Formula will help to reduce the risk of a threatened miscarriage. Women who have difficulty getting pregnant, may be at a higher risk for a miscarriage, so it’s best to be as safe as possible. All of my patients, once they become pregnant, take my Stable Pregnancy Formula for at least until the end of the 1st trimester, but many continue to take it for a longer amount of time.

Good luck and please keep us informed of your progress!

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Suggested Use: 6 capsules twice daily. If the problem is severe then one can increase the dosage to 6 capsules 3 times daily.

Chinese herbs have a long history of use for the treatment of infertility. There are records as far back as 200 A.D. that indicate the herbal treatment of infertility and miscarriage. Our Fertility Formula is made of herbs that are used to strengthen the women’s reproductive potential. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these herbs are known to boost the Kidneys, warm the uterus, strengthen the stomach and digestion, and increase blood circulation in the uterus. The result is a powerful remedy, that can help increase the chances of getting pregnant. Contrary to conventional medicine’s approach, that is very invasive and can cause major disruption of hormone levels, with our Fertility Formula, the woman’s overall health and hormonal balance should improve dramatically. Our fertility blend is all natural and powerful.

It is highly recommended to take this product daily and consistently. Although some women will become pregnant sooner, please be patient allow yourself at least 3 menstrual cycles. For many women, they need time to properly nourish themselves before they can become pregnant.  Once becoming pregnant, it is highly recommended to discontinue taking Fertility Formula, and begin taking our Stable Pregnancy Formula, to reduce the risk of a threatened miscarriage.

These products should not be taken if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or by anyone who has ever had liver or kidney disease or by anyone taking anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners) such as warfarin (Coumadin).

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