Tinnitus Support

All Natural Herbal Relief for Chronic Tinnitus

Tinnitus Support
  • Supports chronic tinnitus from various causes
  • Reduces ringing in the ears
  • Supports tinnitus and hearing loss
  • Strongly promotes overall health and well being
  • Based on a clinically proven traditional Chinese herbal remedy

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All of our formulas are made with herbal extracts that are manufactured under Pharmaceutical-grade GMP guidelines.
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Tinnitus Support

After over five years of trial end error and much testing and evaluating for a quality tinnitus relief remedy, I have come up with this all-natural Tinnitus Support formula. Tinnitus is a disorder of abnormal sounds in the ear, usually a constant ringing in the ear. Tinnitus can present itself as swishing, swooshing, clicking, or cicada like sounds, but really any type of abnormal noise in the ear can be defined as Tinnitus. Some complain of ringing in the right ear and others ringing in the left ear, or it can be in both ears. Sometimes the sound originates in the brain. In most cases, Tinnitus is not a sign of a serious problem, but it should be evaluated by a doctor just in case. Usually, it is mainly a nuisance, as one may feel robbed of silence and with constant ringing in your ears can be quite annoying. Ringing can become so loud and intense for some people, that many people seek out any type of tinnitus cure they can get their hands on.

Tinnitus and hearing loss can occur side by side but not always. Noise induced tinnitus is the most common, but tinnitus can occur as a side effect of medication and from other causes and sometimes there is no recognizable external cause.

What is most important is how can chronic tinnitus be treated?

Is there a natural remedy that can provide the tinnitus miracle that so many people seek? This is by no means an easy disorder to treat, as relief can sometimes be intermittent. It has taken me over five years of trial and error to finally come up with this Tinnitus Support remedy we have here at Eastern Essentials. What I found, is that the tinnitus treatment process usually involves the patient feeling relief for a few days, and then it will return for few days and then relief for a few more. This cycle continues for some time, until there is permanent relief. Whether it’s ringing in the right ear or ringing in the left ear or both, the prognosis of chronic tinnitus seems to differ with each individual. Usually the longer somebody has had tinnitus and the more severe, the longer the treatment process. One thing I have witnessed with most of my patients taking this herbal tinnitus treatment, is they do receive at least some relief from this Tinnitus Help remedy. Some will receive permanent relief, and others may still have occasional tinnitus, but not as severe and not as often. Even if the ringing in your ears occurs only occasionally, if it can be reduced and less frequent, wouldn’t you consider that a huge milestone?

Some patients may have five days of it completely gone, only for it to return for two days then another five days off. If the tinnitus and hearing loss occur side by side and there is permanent damage to the inner ear, Eastern Essentials Tinnitus Support still may bring about some good results, but it will not be definite that it will bring about a permanent cure. Still, what I have found, is that whether the patient’s tinnitus is completely resolved, or whether it is only managed, all of my patients that have used this formula are extremely pleased by any amount of results they did obtain. What’s great about this all natural herbal tinnitus treatment, is the herbs are very healthy and strengthening to the entire body, not just the ears. In Chinese Medicine we strengthen the Kidneys to treat the ears, and Kidneys is the root of all robust health. So the side effect of this remedy is better health in general and not only tinnitus support!

As the Kidneys decline with age so does the hearing, and that is why Tinnitus usually begins around age 55 or older. The goal of our Tinnitus Support  is not only to strengthen the hearing, but to do this we must boost the Kidneys and try to reduce the effect of aging. Herbs such as Shu Di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu and CI Shi and used for this reason.

Please give yourself at least a three month trial as chronic tinnitus usually takes some time. A tinnitus treatment will most likely not be instant results. You will need to give it time for the healing to take place. This may be quick in some people and slower in others. You may notice the ringing in your ears subsiding within a week, but as explained above, during the course of the tinnitus treatment, the noises may return on and off, but you will most likely have more off days then on. The goal is to eventually have the on days shorter and shorter until they no longer return. When there is no more ringing in your ears and tinnitus is gone, or at least as reduced as much as possible, this tinnitus treatment is complete and you no longer need to take this formula. Please let us know of your success!

Suggested Use: 6 capsules twice daily. If the problem is severe then one can increase the dosage to 6 capsules 3 times daily.

There is an obscure herbal formula I found in an old Chinese book from 1722 called Guang Wen Yi Lun or Discussion of Widespread Warm Epidemics. One of the doctors I was working under in China had this book and I noticed there was a formula in it for treating ringing in the ears. The book has never been translated to English and I don’t think it is available in the West. I expressed to the doctor how I have not been very successful with treating tinnitus, and he told me that this is the best formula to treat any type of hearing disorders but where it really shines is in the treatment of tinnitus. The formula was called Er Long Zuo Ci Wan which literally means, Deafness-Left-Magnetite Pills.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the Left resides the Yin and it is Kidney Yin that is involved in the degeneration of hearing. As we age so do our Kidneys and so does our hearing. What is so remarkable about this formula is it actually contains the crystal, Magnetite. Before I learned about tis formula, I haven’t used stones in an herbal remedy before.

The Magnetite used is completely safe. As all out products are made of herbal extracts, Ci Shi, or Magnetite, is also an extract. Meaning the medicinal parts are extracted similar to a very high pressured tea, and the rest of it is discarded. This is the key ingredient in the formula. Along with Shu Di Huang or Cooked Rehmannia root, which is an extremely powerful Kidney strengthening herb and one of the most nourishing herbs in all of the Chinese herbal meteria medica, we have a very effective tinnitus help treatment.

These products should not be taken if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or by anyone who has ever had liver or kidney disease or by anyone taking anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners) such as warfarin (Coumadin).

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