Breathe Ease

Chronic Sinus Problems & Blocked and Stuffy Nose Herbal Support

Breathe Ease
  • Helps clear the nasal passageways for healthy breathing
  • Helps relieve chronic sinus and nasal congestion
  • Supports the immune system to help prevent congestion from reoccurring
  • Promotes the drying of nasal and sinus mucus to clear the airways
  • Helps open and strengthen the lungs

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Chronic Sinusitis and Chronic Nasal Congestion Relief

Eastern Essentials Breathe Ease formula is designed to treat stubborn symptoms of various sinus problems and congested nasal passages, including, frontal headache, blocked sinuses, post-nasal drip, and clear or white nasal discharge. Sinusitis is the swelling and inflammation of the sinus cavities and rhinitis is the swelling and inflammation of the nasal cavities. There is acute sinusitis, which can be caused by an acute bacterial or fungal attack of the sinuses, and there is also rhinitis which can be acute or chronic from similar causes. Chronic rhinitis as well as chronic sinusitis can be caused by allergies as in allergic rhinitis, a weakened immune system, and also bacteria and other causes. In addition there can be acute or chronic rhinosinusitis. A deviated septum can also block the opening of the sinuses. Allergic rhinitis can also lead to chronic sinusitis. In any case, any chronic congested nose or sinuses will receive great relief with this herbal remedy. Eastern Essentials Breathe Ease is one of the most complete nasal and sinus congestion remedies available anywhere!

This nasal and sinus congestion remedy is not appropriate for acute nasal congestion or acute sinus congestion or for any problem with yellow or green discharge.

In chronic nasal congestion the nasal passages are swollen and filled with mucus. Sometimes this appears separate or alongside chronic sinus congestion. If either nasal congestion or sinus congestion lingers for a long period of time, it can greatly impact the quality of one’s life. The goal of this remedy is to create a long-term healing, providing quick and long- lasting sinus pressure relief, and the opening and unblocking of the sinuses and nasal passages. Then one can certainly breathe with ease!

For many people, there is no clear reason why they experience chronic nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis. Many people find medications ineffective in the long term, and only provide limited temporary relief. Our Breathe Ease Formula is designed to not only clear away the mucous and help you breathe better, but to support your own immune system to defend off the nasal and sinus problems for good. Although Astragalus, or in Chinese, Huang QI, has been used to build up the body’s defense for thousands of years, it is now researched scientifically for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties. This Super Herb’s immune building abilities have been researched extensively, with two of its chemicals, polysaccharides and saponins, attributed to much of its immune enhancing power. Post nasal drip remedies are not enough, since the goal here is to also prevent these symptoms from returning and to unblock not only nasal but sinus congestion as well. Adding strengthening herbs such as Astragalus to herbal nasal and sinus congestion remedies is the perfect way to ensure long-term results.

Our Breathe Ease formula contains herbs used for centuries to open up the nasal passages such as Xanthium Fruit (Cang Er Zi) and Angelica Root (Bai Zhi). Alongside the powerful Astragalus (Huang Qi), Ledebouriella Root (Fang Feng) is added and has been used since ancient times to dispel pathogens and build the body’s defense. This makes Eastern Essentials Breathe Ease formula a complete and comprehensive remedy. The goal is for you to finally breathe easy and clear, and to be free of blocked nasal and sinus problems for good!

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Suggested Use: 6 capsules twice daily. If the problem is severe then one can increase the dosage to 6 capsules 3 times daily.

This remedy is based on a formula called Cang Er Zi San or Xanthium Powder, named after its key ingredient. It was first recorded in 1253 in The Formulas to Aid the Living Manual.

To this Xanthium Powder Formula, we added a very powerful traditional Chinese formula called Jade Windscreen that has been used in China to stimulate the body’s own defense system since before it was recorded in the Teachings of Dan Xi in 1481. The name of this formula refers to the action of blocking external pathogens from entering the body, like an ancient jade screen. This is a commonly used formula, composed of only 4 herbs, that has been used by millions of people to prevent colds and sinus problems and to stimulate the body’s own immune responses.

The result of combining Xanthium Powder Formula and Jade Windscreen Formula is an all natural, perfectly balanced remedy designed to bring quick and long lasting relief to sinus problems and nasal congestion.

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